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Joann Williams
  Dressage Training
AQHA Specialized Western Dressage Judge
 Offering Dressage Training for all levels of horses and riders

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I have been teaching and training professionally since 1979, specializing in Dressage and using Dressage principles to improve the relationship between all horse and riders in a variety of disciplines. 

I believe that the teachings of the Classical Schools of dressage will help all riders improve their partnership with their horse. 

Harmony, communication,and progressive systematic training are for every horse and rider.  I enjoy helping riders learn how to train their own horses as well as riding and competing on my own and client's horses.

Every movement that we do in Dressage has a specific physical and mental benefit to the horse. We built the horses balance, strength and suppleness progressively, much like grades in school.

All of the movements have preparatory exercises that must be done to perfection in order to have the maximum physical and mental effect. All of the movements also have correctional exercises to fix problems.

That thrilling lengthening of trot, floating half pass, and perfect pirouette come from years of using the preparatory exercises to strengthen and balance the horse.

Progressive exercises done to perfection are the key to developing Traditional and Western Dressage horses.

All of this has to be done with empathy, clarity and harmony. Movements that are forced, done incorrectly or repeated too often can never be beautiful, and tear down the horse instead of building him up.
Even the most ordinary horse can become brilliant.
Joann Williams Dressage


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